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It's Wallpaper Wednesday again! If you haven't been informed yet, every Wednesday I share phone screen wallpapers for you! Honest moment: It was Tuesday evening and I hadn't made a single design yet. I was a bit hesitant that I would be able to only create 3-5 wallpapers for you on my iPad. But THANKFULLY I was hit with a lot of inspiration, and I was able to make over 10 wallpapers in less than an hour! Yay!!

This week I am sharing just 1 autumn design. I am also sticking with a similar color palette that I used last week. Many of you LOVED the heart wallpaper, so I re-created it but with stars and rainbows this time! I also focused on the words kindness and grace in some of my designs. ALSO.. I couldn't help but make 2 coffee wallpapers, because I'm launching a few NEW COFFEE STICKERS this week in my shop!


Other good news: I created some new Procreate brushes for you to download. If you aren't sure what Procreate is, it is the app I use on my iPad to draw and hand-letter. I used some of my Procreate brushes in these designs. To shop, click here for NEW PROCREATE BRUSHES 

Keep in mind that these phone wallpapers, can be used for Apple Watch backgrounds, Instagram and Facebook story photos, and as Instagram highlight covers! I also would love for you share them to your Pinterest account!

Rules: Please don’t crop my business signature or transform my artwork. Also, please don’t take credit for my designs or use the wallpapers for re-sale. The digiral wallpaper designs are for personal use only!

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Pink Abstract Phone Wallpaper

Amazing Grace Christian Wallpaper

Yellow Be Kind Design for Phone Wallpaper

Gold Pink White Stars Phone Wallpaper

Kindness Colorful wallpaper


christian calligraphy design

Colorful Phone Screen Design

Iced Coffee Bean Illustration Phone Wallpaper

Coffee Beans Illustration

Fall Yall Pumpkin Design Wallpaper

Colorful Stars Design for Phone Wallpaper

Colorful Rainbow Design Phone Wallpaper 

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