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Procreate Brushes for your iPad by With Lifted Hands Co

When I first began using Procreate, the first thing I wanted to do was find the best Procreate brushes to letter with! I began searching on Instagram, scoping out big lettering accounts to see what brushes they used. I found myself clicking “add to cart” continuously. It was then that I realized I wanted to figure out how to make the brushes myself.

What did I do? I clicked over to YouTube to watch some tutorials!  Now, fast-forward a few years later, and I’ve made over 150 Procreate Brushes! Wow. That’s a lot of time I spent on that task. :)

What does that mean for you?! It means I have a lot of Procreate Brushes to share with you. While I do not have all of my brushes listed, I have a good amount for you to start with. But I can promise that more are coming in the near future!

Click over to my SHOP to find the many Procreate Brushes to help you improve your hand-lettering! Not only will they help you make smooth lines, but also they’re aesthetically pleasing and fun to create with!

These brushes are compatible with the Procreate app ONLY. They will work best with an iPad and the Apple Pencil. I always recommend that your iPad and app are up to date, with the latest software. You can find the download instructions in the shop listing, but please message me if you need help!

Procreate Brushes to Improve Lettering by With Lifted Hands Co

Also, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to hear about new Procreate Brush listings! I am so excited to bring you more variety soon! Can’t wait to see how your lettering and calligraphy designs improve with my fun Procreate Brushes!




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