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Waterproof vinyl stickers for laptop

It’s October and we’re having a sale! This isn’t the only good news around here though. We’re also about to release A WHOLE BUNCH of new stickers before Black Friday weekend! I am spending so much time designing them on my iPad and it’s bringing me so much joy!

But until I can release those to you, I am having a sticker SALE! This October you can save 10% off your order when you spend $9 on our die-cut vinyl stickers! If you’re wondering if they’re waterproof, the answer is yes! If you’re wondering if they’re scratch resistant, the answer is also yes! So go ahead and stick them to your laptop, water bottle, iPad, mirror, car or whatever you choose!

Use code “OCTOBER” to save at checkout on those vinyl decals! ALSO, I may add that our bookmarks are buy 3 for less than $10. That discount is applied automatically. AND When you buy multiples of our sticker sheets - you can save $$$ too! Click our SHOP to browse the many colorful and fun products we offer you!

Fall Halloween pumpkin sticker design


Please reach out with questions and be on the lookout for new sticker and bookmark designs! Sales and product releases are posted on our Instagram, follow us there for instant updates!


Thanks so much for supporting our small business!

Blessings, Sara


Fall vinyl stickers

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