Wallpaper Wednesday is Here!

Freebies Phone Wallpapers

For the longest time I’ve wanted to offer YOU cute phone wallpapers. What have I been waiting for? Too many excuses have held me up. But the day has come!

From here forward, I will do my best to post FREE phone wallpapers images every Wednesday! They will be posted on Instagram and my blog page, where you will be able to download/screenshot them.

But wait....Not only can these be used for phone wallpapers, but also for Apple Watch backgrounds, Instagram highlight covers, and Instagram stories. Yay!

First, I ask that you don’t crop out my business signature/handle or transform my artwork. I also ask you don’t take credit for my work or use it for re-sale purposes. These will be for personal use only. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me!

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Feedback on the designs is welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for your support and enjoy these designs!  -Sara 


Cute free wallpapers


Hearts Phone Wallpaper

 By Grace Through Faith Phone Wallpaper


Give me Jesus phone wallpaper

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