3 Must Have Procreate Brushes for iPad Lettering

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If you’re like me, you’ve tried several Procreate Brushes and have been disappointed to find they don’t write how you expected. After being let down by a few brushes myself, I decided to make my own brushes in the app. With the help of YouTube and Pinterest research, I was able to successfully make over 100 brushes by myself. Among the many, I have my favorites.

Procreate Brushes by with lifted hands co

Luckily for you, I sell some of my favorite Procreate Brushes here on my website! Below you can find 3 Procreate Brushes that will help you improve your lettering designs! Not only are they fun to write with, but they are easy to download and begin using too!

I’m going to tell you a little about each featured brush in the description below. If at any point you’re interested to try them yourself, click the Menu button, click Shop, and open up the Procreate Brushes section. In minutes you can have some of these awesome brushes on your iPad!

1.) The Modern Lettering Brush. OK, this by far is my FAVORITE Procreate brush I’ve ever used! Many of my stickers and designs are made with this brush! It is basic, simple, clean and easy to write with. If you don’t want something too fancy, but also want thick downstrokes, this is your brush. I’M NOT KIDDING, this brush is the best for SO MANY things. If you spend a lot of time hand-lettering, you have got to get your hands on it!

 Modern lettering procreate brush by with lifted hands co

2.) The Outline Brush. This brush has a fun shadow effect, hence why it’s called the outline brush. This brush is also pressure sensitive, where it can provide thick down strokes and thin up strokes. You can make some creative lettering designs with this brush, without needing to do extra steps for a outline or shadow effect in other layers of your Procreate canvas.

 Outline procreate brush by with lifted hands co

3.) The Thick & Thin Brush. If you love those thick juicy down strokes, you have to try this one! It will take a little practice go get used to lettering with it, as it is quite sensitive to pressure. I love the wide down strokes it makes. There are so many cute styles of lettering that look aesthetically pleasing with this brush!

 Thick and thin procreate brush by with lifted hands co

You can browse our many Procreate brushes in our collection. Keep watch on our Instagram and Pinterest for updates on new releases! There will be A LOT more brushes available by the end of the year!




Procreate Brushes for iPad lettering

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